Crypto Climate Exchange Press Release


CCX Crypto Climate Exchange Launches, World’s First Exchange Solely Dedicated to Funding Faster Climate Action

New Exchange Employs the Most Agile and Dynamic Financial Mechanism in the World Today – the ERC20 Fully Fungible Smart Token – to Raise Funds for Counter-Climate Change Projects


LONDON, May 18, 2021 – Crypto Climate Exchange Ltd announces launch of the CCX exchange in response to the urgent need for rapid, scalable, and flexible funding for global counter-climate change projects (

The first coin on the CCX exchange will be Energy Efficient Ethereum 2.0 (EEE), also launching today, which addresses the requirement for more climate-friendly crypto mining by drastically reducing the electricity consumption required to cool mining centers, based on an exclusive partnership with Oairo. [LINK TO RELEASE]

CCX believes that the combination of the smart token, the demand for altcoin, and acute concern for the climate will put funds into the hands of the men and women best placed to execute effective action faster than ever before.

Tokens eligible for launch on CCX must meet three fixed criteria:

  1. The project must have a clear counter-climate change utility and story


  1. The utility must be a proven technology or business process and be delivered by an established company, or if a startup, in partnership with one


  1. The token must have long term monetary value so it can offer a full or partial future buy-back to purchasers

CCX offers project owners who meet the three criteria and are well organized a fast-track launch process, with the goal of moving the project from tokenization and launch to first cash received in as little as ten business days.

“For each launch, we hope to mobilise and marry the immense demand for altcoins with the much larger concern and interest for the long-term future of the planet.

That future is looking pretty grim right now unless we can speed up the number and scale of counter climate-change actions.” Said Keiron Allen, co-founder of CCX.

In the next decade it is expected that over a thousand counter-climate projects can be funded through the CCX platform. Each will use blockchain technologies to publicly document the progress of their mission, and, CCX will roll up these results into headline counter-climate statistics for the exchange as a whole.

“As a former UK Green Deal Provider responsible for eliminating 138,000 tons of carbon output by our country’s energy producers, I witnessed the bureaucracy firsthand and thought, these kinds of programs are helping but will never scale to save the planet in time,” said Crypto Climate Exchange Co-founder Ray Lovell.

Ray concluded, “Technology created this global climate catastrophe and I’m now sure that only by employing the newest, most global, and most scalable technologies like blockchain and ERC20 tokens to address it do we have any hope of success. Only an open, flexible, free market can incentivize enough people to participate in a planetary scale counter-climate mission.”

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