The Crypto Climate Exchange becomes latest signatory to the Crypto Climate Accord

CCX is proud to announce that it has become a signatory to the Crypto Climate Accord (CCA). The CCA launched in April of this year with a Mission to “Make Crypto Green”. It already has hundreds of supporters and a large part of the crypto community have become signatories committing themselves to net zero by 2040.

The CCA’s historic focus has been in ensuring everyone uses renewable energy – CCX will insist that any token launching on the exchange must source its electricity requirement from renewable energy sources.

It is CCX’s wish though to expand the scope of what it means to “Make Crypto Green” – by focusing on how to make the mining of Ethereum and Bitcoin more energy efficient. CCX launched EEE ( and EEB ( in June of this year, and the first draft of their blueprint protocols for more energy efficient mining should be published and shared with the wider CCA community in November.

CCX is proud to be doing its bit to “Make Crypto Green”.

Please read the press release Here

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