Solana Is Added To The Crypto Climate Exchange


Solana Is Added To The Crypto Climate Exchange

The Crypto Climate Exchange is please to announce the listing of Solana.

Solana is one of a number of newer cryptocurrencies designed to compete with Ethereum. Like Ethereum, Solana is both a cryptocurrency and a flexible platform for running crypto apps — everything from NFT projects like Degenerate Apes to the Serum decentralised exchange (or DEX).

However, it can process transactions much faster than Ethereum — around 50,000 transactions per second. SOL is used to pay transaction fees and for staking. It also serves as a “governance token,” meaning that holders also are able to vote on future upgrades and governance proposals that are submitted by the Solana community.

Total Supply: 2.1B

Circulation: 322.9M SOL

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