Energy Efficient Ethereum release details of their EEB Protocol

Energy Efficient Bitcoin release details of their EEB Protocol One of the goals of the program will be to test and produce the “EEB Protocol” that will set the optimum standards, technology and know-how to mine Bitcoin in the most energy efficient way. Visitors to this site will be able to see the live savings in the space below once the units are up and running. This will contrast the energy use that would occur without Oairo installed versus the improved installation. This is predicted by the globally accepted IES model that all MEP engineers use.











Once we have completed at least a month of testing, we will publish the EEB Protocol. This will offer a best practices guide to the wider Bitcoin community to help reduce energy expenditure. It will include learnings we garner, innovative mining hardware, and other relevant items describing the “optimum set-up”.

For more details on Energy Efficient Ethereum please visit their website HERE

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